Faith Baptist Church's Direction...

"Where there is no vison, the people perish..."  Proverbs 29:18  We are NOT trying to be the "Biggest" church in town, just the one that promotes the clear teaching of God's Word.  We are a church that promotes the importance and the clarity of the Gospel. 

Salvation is by God’s grace through our faith. Salvation does not come through our faith plus works, or faith plus baptism, or faith plus turning from sin, but faith in His death, burial and resurrection. God saved us right where we are today and all that we have to do is believe.

We are looking forward to new ministries. We realize that ministry is not JUST for the kids and not JUST for the middle-aged or the elderly. We intend to have ministries and activities for all ages. We are looking forward to implementing the hard working members of this church as well as current visitors or others that are capable and willing to help. 
If you have never been to Faith, I challenge you to give us 4 tries. It’s hard to decide on a church after one visit. Please consider the challenge; we would love to see you here.